How docker help developer?

The topic pretty much explain itself. Mainly cuz I dun understand how it become just a trendy topic on Dev group. People keep talking about it day by day by day till forever…… Just a coincidence having a short period of free time for me dig upper into this topic in recent week.
How you ship ur software? It can really diverse base on what kind of software u writing and the field u  working on. Im not saying docker would be a great aid on all situation. On some industry, docker can’t help base on the nature how that particular industry deliver software.
Let say embedded system, that’s is no point of over complex their self by setting up docker environment for Dev. Hence from what I understand so far. It mainly apply on Web App alike application.
So how it help?  The dominate advantage I see is it provide a consistent run-time. In here run-time mean the host environment. Especially on  software where require a lot dependencies. Let say traditional C++ Project.
I been worked several C++ project throughout my Uni-life. The one worth mention is my finally year project. Which is a standalone C++ application base on windows and require several C++ libraries. As some of u guys may come across C++ project, setting up the environment is a pain, as its a architecture depend language at all. The same library may have different installation requirement base on variety choice of platform and host system.
Hence the point here is most of u guy may end up spending majority of Dev time on environment setting. Atleast this is what I experienced during the project cycle. After I been able to set up the environment on Mac and about to pass my wiki to my group mate for installation. And found they having a windows machine for dev and actually the installation is totally different. Especially when they have trouble on environment setting, I can’t be able to provide help.
I would go deep for this week, the story may continue of next blog post?? Hope so;)

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