Maven life cycle

 – Maven probable one of things that Java dev would use on daily basis. Let say for me I certain know how to use in a really basic level. But certainly not understand it fully. The only perception given me is fetch all the decencies in a effortless way. Do all the heavily lifting for us.
Save time for updating jar file one by one. Asking your colleague or spending endless time on readme to figure out how to find out all necessary for application build. But Maven can do far more than that. So yes, following is the briefing intro for maven. May not be 100% correct because Im learning as well.
Three life cycles <default / clean / site> exist. they all serve different purpose, default for application building, clean for cleaning up unnecessary files and site for documentation purpose.
Every cycle have their own set of goals. Can think of a long list of procedure which is in order. Hence by calling particular goal, not only itself but preceding goals would be executed as well.

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