Type of Software Engineer?

 – Personal I would categorise any software engineer role into vacancy two side. Depend on ur company nature. The role U will take would be pretty diverse.
First one is not venue generation? IT dept in this case would take secondary role on business plan. Which is directly involved with the critical part (Earning money). But instead providing a series of support to let other dept (Like: sale dept) to achieve their target which gaining profit in real. Of course it gonna have it value, like development a handy portal to accelerate the business workflow so as the communication in order to free more resource (In term of man power may be?) To let other dept more focus on their goal.
The other type got direct involved into core business model, which is the venue germination part. Lower rate of tolerance is allowed. Let say one hour  down time of in-house CMS may lower a bit the productively alternative can be found to low the loss. However when a customer  facing portal is down for an hour. Real money is losing for every second of down time. It gave the business a great slash directly.

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