Vm? Docker?

This is the big misunderstanding in my mind for ages ago. Till I checked a article days before. Which really compare VM and docker hand to hand, list out how divide is it actually.
Docker is not a VM!!!!! This is the mindset in my mind since the really first day of know docker. Its not a lightweight version of VM. The abstraction lv is totally different. Every VM have their own set of environment, which is totally isolated from host environment.
On the other hand, docker try to mimic a VM like environment, but which is not identical. By only providing vital lib && sys call for application. And the most important thing. Its freaking stateless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So dun ask how to store ur data in a persistence manner babababab. It freaking stateless, mean to be disposable. Be obsoleted  once newer version updated on docker hub, which can be easily replaceable.


Ref: https://blog.docker.com/2016/03/containers-are-not-vms/


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