Lambda (1) – Basic

Reckon it gonna be pretty lengthy series by exploring the true beauty of lamda / Functional programming. As such a mystery for me who grow up from Java side, OOP got taught from day one. The first lecture on my CSCI101 classes, in my case is CSCI114 from DFS if recalled correctly.   Everything in … Continue reading Lambda (1) – Basic


Vm? Docker?

This is the big misunderstanding in my mind for ages ago. Till I checked a article days before. Which really compare VM and docker hand to hand, list out how divide is it actually. Docker is not a VM!!!!! This is the mindset in my mind since the really first day of know docker. Its … Continue reading Vm? Docker?

Why FileInputStream bad?

- This week decide to do a explanation of why picking Files.newOutputStream instead of FileOutputStream. The syntax is nearly identical, however performance won’t be the same. Different would be list below, following are the syntax of both method. As some of you guys may claver enough to spot the different. Which is OutputStream is assigned … Continue reading Why FileInputStream bad?