Lambda (4): Functional function interface

Hows the exploring with the functional interface going? Today, we would talk about one of the stock interface come with J2SE (Function). Yes, it’s call function, the only bit special compare to other interface is that it come with magical method <Andthen() || Compose()>. By making good use of those two methods. It allow Dev … Continue reading Lambda (4): Functional function interface


Lambda (3) Function as an object (The JS way coding?)

This week gonna be a short one, mainly extends the concept we talked last week. As Java.util.function got introdcued on J2SE. It provide a package for default lambda interface, it's out of the box, can implement it straight away with no hesitation. But this week we would focus on the way of writing lambda code, … Continue reading Lambda (3) Function as an object (The JS way coding?)